More than simple app development:

We are not just coding your app, but helping you with validating your product, and implementing analytical tools, to understand you users 

Data is the key of your success…
only if you know how to use it

Your product is brilliant. But what do your users think about it?

To find it, you should talk to them, but having a chat with hundreds of users takes a long time, and the competition overtakes you.

That’s why we implement analytical tools, which track every move of you users. 

[“Action”,{“name”:”CartFinalisation”,”screen “:”CartScreen”,”value”:”ButtonPressed”}]

Did you get it?
No shame, that’s a simple data.
We help you see your data in context, and forming actionable information from it.
Now, you can know what’s the next step to overtake your competition…

Innovators, who shape our future

Amigo Handlist

A market leading mobile commerce application, which helped the users to do their daily shoping from home during the darkest days of the COVID pandemic.

Easy Task

This innovation helps off-site workers to focus on the project by making their administration task paperfree, automated, and fluid.


When the employees enter the gates, they use their NFC cards to check in: Ehsley reads the card data and registers the time when the user enters and leaves the facility.

We bring their ideas to life

Working close to You

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Soon your mobile is ringing: one of our collegues calls you to schedule an appoitment. Together we clarify your business goals and the functionality of the app.

Define your product

Brainstoring and validating your product. With world-class methodologies we help you understanding your users, market, and defining your MVP.

Bringing it to life

We coding with full transparency, shipping new features in every 2 weeks. Changing requirements? We are flexible and agile, doing everything to give birth to something which impress your users. 

Launching your product

You get the sourcecode, the IPs. First users come, and we are watching their journey with you. Fine tuning your app if needed.

Staying with You

We continuously monitor your product. We help you to scale it. Need new functions? Let’s dive in, and build it!

Why You should choose Us

Thriving innovation

As fanatic geeks, we are always on the latest technologies, and constantly looking for game changing solutions, which can make your product better.


Crystal clear communication

 We don’t want to seem like professionals by our IT jargon. We believe in full transparency and hard work. These ensures you will get you want in time.


Building nice-to-have functions in the early stage of product development is the biggest waste. We help you to find what delivers the most value.

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